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The Unaccepted Gift

  • What is this Unaccepted Gift?
  • How often is it Unaccepted?
  • How does this gift benefit?
  • How do I get this gift?

Product Details

Sometimes gift giving time can become a little commercialized, tense, and even self serving.  When you are on the giving side of things you might worry or wonder whether the other person will accept your gift.  Sometimes you can see it in their eyes, that they are receiving the gift in form but not in heart.  A person can even be hurt inside when their gift that they thought through for the benefit of the other person is not received.  Most of the time people love gift giving and they are usually accepted.  However there is one very important gift that is received sometimes, but gets rejected often, and sometimes with disdain.  Can you guess what that gift is?  Get this Viddybook now to find out!