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The Bible And Science

Does the Bible and Science Go together?  It should.  If God made everything, then he made all the laws of science that govern creation.  All things were made through him and not one thing was made was made without him.  So then many scientific principles and laws should be discovered in scripture.  They are.  So if you would like to see them just click on the link below to enjoy- The Bible & Science.


Strong Delusion

This Viddybook is not for the faint in heart. In fact it is one of the primary pillars of the Frameworks novel series.

Buckle up for you will see things you never saw before, think of things you never thought, and wonder about things that will soon come upon us.  This Viddybook, which is a short texted book with videos within it, thus Viddybook) speaks on this delusion that is right around the corner.  If you just watch the narratives that are happening in America you will see that somebody is not telling the truth, and lies are running rampid.  Yet, the delusion that is coming will be even stronger than what we are mildly seeing.  The first thing to think about is”What is this delusion comprised of?”, “What are its components?  What will happen in this delusion?  Are thre things happening now that point to it or are a part of it?  Want to find out.  Just Click the button to buy and you will.




Sticks and Stones

Have you heard the Phrase “Sticks and Stones will break my bones but Words will never hurt me”

when you were a child?   Do you believe it’s true?  Of Course not, but why?

Because I am sure you have been hurt by what someone said or did sometime in your life and those words did some damage, they did hurt.

Some get hurt for years by what people have said to them, some even have taken it to the grave.

What can be done about it?  How can you help?  Want to find out?


The Ministry of Reconciliation

A lot of people see God through a religious filter.  Their perceptions tell them that God is pretty much a religion for weak people or a crutch to lean on.  Yet, Jesus is far from this, as it was the religious people of the time that actually put him on the cross via the Romans.  They missed him completely.  So many people are persuaded by other people or concepts about the universe or another religion, and miss out on God’s true plan and purpose.  This Viddybook will explore that plan a little and how we are to share it.  You won’t look at people the same way anymore once you have watched this video.  Are you Curious?


Seeing Is Believing

When I think of the phrase, “I’ll believe it when I see it”, I think of there is not much faith going on here, if any, as the believing starts when they see.  In this Viddybook we will explore the same idea “I’ll believe it when I see it”, from a different perspective and you will discover that this statement is actually true!  However, it is a different kind of seeing.  Once you learn how to do this many good things will begin to happen for you.  Want to find out more?



There is going to be a major event in the near future that is going to happen all over the world. In this event people all over the world will just suddenly vanish in a split second. Many are going to have many theories as to what has happened there will be panic and confusion


Fringe Benefits

When one goes to a job one of the things that they are interested in are the fringe benefits.  Meaning, what do I get extra, or what comes with this job.  Well what if there were benefits you could get a hold of that have little to do with a job?  How could we obtain them.  Find out now by getting this Viddybook.


The Creation Machine

When I think of a “Creation Machine”, my mind goes to those older science fiction movies where the scientist makes a great discovery and then something goes wrong.  Many science fiction movies even today follow the same kind of model.  In science for real scientist have tried to recreate the conditions of spontaneous creation of building blocks to life itself showing how electricity or lightening contributed to creation as a causative force.  They tried to build their own “Creation Machine” but it has never worked.  This Creation Machine is a little different.  In fact, once you discover what it is, you will also be able to begin to use this for yourself in your own life.  Interested?



Chambers of Love in Outer and Inner Space

God separated the Waters from the Waters.  The separation was from the Waters was from the waters below the heavenly firmament and the Waters above the heavenly firmament.  You will find this discussion in Genesis 1.6-7.  In Genesis 1.14 The stars were put in the midst of the heavenly firmament.  There is a peculiar entity in outer space called a nebula.  Nebulas actually contain water within them.  They are considered star nurseries and the water is used to make it so when a birthing star arises it does not arise too fast and by getting too hot.  Hmmm, that is interesting as before any of this creation happened the Holy Spirit was hovering over the waters.  READ ON and find out about how these Chambers are the Chambers of Love of Outer and Inner Space!

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Locked In

While the Computer, Internet, Movies, and Videos games provide Instruction and Entertainment, have you notice how addictive everything is?  Have you noticed how glued in people are to their devices.  Are these things just the way they are or is there something more going on behind the scenes or what we think is happening?


How to Overcome Fear

Many people today are dealing with an uncertain future and with theses worries brings fear. The bible gives us the answer for this and the answer is faith in God. In this book we are going to look at how we can use our faith to overcome fear. In 1Jo 5:4 its says this for whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, [even] our faith. We must realize what authority God has given us and who we are in Christ. We are going to look at what the bible says about fear and how to have victory over it. So as you face tomorrow you can live with confidence and have no fear,


The Seed of Righteousness

Jesus used the creation and spoke in parables to talk about different things about Christian Life.  In the New Testament Jesus compared the Word of God to seed that gets sown into the hearts of people.  Some seed grows and some do not!  In the Viddybook “The Seed of Righteousness” the teacher shows how Christians grow.  What they have to do to grow and just what the seed of righteousness is.  There are many passages talking about this seed.  Get the Seed of Righteousness now and watch yourself grow!


The Unaccepted Gift

Sometimes gift giving time can become a little commercialized, tense, and even self serving.  When you are on the giving side of things you might worry or wonder whether the other person will accept your gift.  Sometimes you can see it in their eyes, that they are receiving the gift in form but not in heart.  A person can even be hurt inside when their gift that they thought through for the benefit of the other person is not received.  Most of the time people love gift giving and they are usually accepted.  However there is one very important gift that is received sometimes, but gets rejected often, and sometimes with disdain.  Can you guess what that gift is?  Get this Viddybook now to find out!

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Praying for Others

Learn What is Prayer, Really
Understanding Prayer and How It Applies to You
How can I utilize this understanding to my advantage?


Why Christian Suffering

Why do many Christians go through suffering? What kind of suffering do we go through? How can we look at suffering to our benefit as opposed to being focused on the aspects of the suffering. How can we be comforted in our suffering. How does suffering, believe it or not, makes it stronger? Does all suffering come from God? Find out the understanding to all of this and much, more.


Pointing Fingers

In a critical world, where almost everyone seems to be pointing fingers at everyone else, the Viddybook “Pointing fingers” helps you to understand what is going on, what it is really doing, and what you can do about it.


Is Healing for Real?

Some do not believe that Healing is Real. Some believe it happened in the time of the apostles but not now. Find out the truth in this intriguing and controversial matter. And it is free.


Our Father

Have you ever wondered who the Father in Heaven Really is? Many think he is an Old man with white hair that looks like Charleton Heston’s Version of Moses sitting on a Great White Throne. Who is he really? Can we Approach Him? Can we come to know him?
These are the kinds of things you will learn with “Our Father”. Get it now at this price for a limited time.


Worshiping God

In the old testament we ready about Gods chosen people Israel and how he gave them the ten commandments by Moses. We are going to talk about the first commandment which has to do with the worship of other gods. We are going to discuss the worship of other gods, the worship of angels, and the worship of the queen of heaven. As you hear I pray that you faith will grow stronger for the bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.


Understanding God’s Will

This Viddybook gives  you the key ingredients to first, understand that God does have a will for us, which is different from man’s will.  Understanding God’s specific will for you will benefit tremendously in that you will have a clear path to walk on as compared to a confused one not having surety.


Have You Received Your Inheritance?

Today you watch many commercials about people digging into their ancestry and finding who they really are.  Many times they are quite surprised and discover they are related to a people they didn’t know.  When they find out they get a change in their perspective and look at things anew.

This book will take you on a journey, where you will find out about your inheritance that is due to you.  You say, “What inheritance?”  If you want your answer you will have to seek for it.  Are you willing to look?




No More Job

Easy Tips in Becoming an Entrepreneur

This is the Audio Version to the book Effective Entrepreneurial Action.

It is just over an hour in length, so makes great listening in the car.

Just download it.



God’s Contractural Promises

When I think of a promise I think of a verbal one and that one intends to keep their word in the promise that has been made.  Promises can be verbal or contractural meaning written down.  The writing of a contract down puts the details of the agreement in a fixed mode so people can see what they are supposed to get in the promise and what they are not supposed to get.

God’s promises work in a similar way.  Click on button to find out the how and the why?


Free Youtube Training From Youtube Playlist

I just made a youtube playlist of videos describing how to set up and edit videos in youtube.  Youtube allows shares and embeds of videos on website.  You just cannot claim ownership to them.  But we thought it would be of value to some to do the work of searching out youtube for them and making it easier to learn the subject.  Of course there are other videos on youtube about youtube that you can add to your knowledge on youtube.  This however is just to get you started so enjoy.


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The Key

This Viddybook delves into the key that everyone has the ability to obtain and thus bring them access to things in their life that they would not be able to receive had they not found and obtained that access.




The Blessings of Humility

What is humility truly?  Have you ever wondered about it?  Is it to hard of a thing to obtain for most people?  Or is it something that everyone can be a part of and reap the benefits of?  Get this Viddybook now and find out.




Is He Already Within?

Some people think that since God created us he is within everyone already as we are a part of his creation.  To some degree there is truth to that, however is God already within us, where we just tap in, or does he have a way of doing this, a way of getting to know him?  Get this Viddybook and you will find out!



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The Armor of God

A simple and concise explanation of the Armor of God,

it’s importance, and how it fits into our lives.


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Viddybooks Explained

This Viddybook has been created to give explanation of why we created Viddybooks and what are goals are and where we are going.

Free access will be given to this book for everyone.


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